Community Information

First of all, let me offer you the warmest of welcomes to the greater Albion area! I hope you find our town as hospitable as I have.

Here are some helpful organizations and businesses with whom I have worked that you may find helpful. Much of my work in the past year has been with various contractors and service providers in construction and real estate, so forgive me if my list is a little heavy in that area. 

Banking and Mortgages:

I do my banking and refer clients to Homestead Savings Bank every chance I get. My mom worked for a small local bank for over 40 years, so banking with a locally based bank is in my blood.  This organization is top-notch. They support the community in so many ways while also providing excellent service for basic banking needs to business loans to mortgages and credit repair for those who want to buy a house some day.


Albion has a small hardware store and lumber yard at Legg Lumber (101 S Monroe St.) right in the middle of town. If you can't find what you need there, Tractor Supply Company (1448 N Eaton St.) might be able to help in a pinch. Of course, the large big box home improvement stores are around a 20-30 minute drive east or west in Jackson or Battle Creek respectively.

City Services:

Like it or not, local governments can make your life easier or more difficult. The staff of the City of Albion have always provided answers or guided me in the right direction when I needed help understanding their services, turning water services on or off, figuring out building permits, helping new businesses open, interacting with public safety officers, the list goes on. These people not only care about the community, but they want to do the best job they can for the city's citizens.


Albion has no shortage of local active churches. You can find a full list of them here.